Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Home Remedies for Flatulence

Natural Home Remedy For Flatulence, Gas and Constipation

If you are experiencing flatulence it can be the result of many things. First and foremost it is a natural way for your body to relieve itself from any gases which are built up in your GI tract. If you drink certain things or eat certain foods it can create large gaseous build ups in your tract. When you body consumes food it takes from it the nutrients that it needs and then disposes of anything else. The toxins left are what come out once your body processes the food. When you pass these toxins you pass them in solid form or you pass them in gas form.
The biggest reason that you have flatulence is because of a problem associated with your GI tract and your digestive system. If your body is unable to properly digest the food you eat then you will get bloated during the body’s attempt at digestion and you will fart. If you are stressed, your flatulence will get worse because your body will be unable to properly digest its food.
In order to find the best home remedies for flatulence, you must first consider what you eat and drink and begin to reduce that. Again, the biggest cause of flatulence is digestion. When your body attempts to digest food, it will take from the food and drink you consume the nutrients you need for your body, such as vitamins and antioxidants, and then it will expel the rest. When your body expels the rests, it is getting rid of toxins. The toxins must come out of your body in one way or another otherwise they will make you very sick. If you consume foods such as legumes, beans, or fermented foods you will fart a lot. By reducing your intake of these you can reduce your levels of flatulence.
Other home remedies for flatulence include consuming one cup of min, lemon, or ginger tea in the morning. These will help your GI tract and get rid of any excessive gas. Keeping your bowel movements regular is also done by consuming foods high in fiber. You can have one cup of caraway seeds or one cup of fennel seeds after each meal in order to alleviate flatulence and expelling any gas.
If you are having excessive gas or constipation problem, beside other natural remedies for gas, you can do fasting also to clear your stomach and then get on regular diet, don’t eat too much at once and eating on time will help.

Health Benefits of Fenugreek Seeds

One of the best way to remove gas within 24 hours is take Fenugreek Seedsavailable in indian grocery store, put into water and swallow it. It helps to remove gas, constipation and has so many other benefits. Some people take Fengugreek seeds every night since it has so many health benefits besides removing gas and digestive problem.


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