Thursday, December 15, 2011

Male Ring Finger Length and Testosterone

Ring Finger Length and Testosterone 300x168 Male Ring Finger Length and Libido Level
Ring Finger Length and Testosterone
According to Daily Mailabout male ring finger length and libido level, Monday (6/9), Cohn and Zheng used white mice because the ratio of mice’s fingers has similar size with human fingers. Fetus from the pregnant mice is controlled by genes that affect the testosterone and estrogen in mice’s body. The result, baby mice that have a high testosterone tend to have a bigger right palm size.
Cohn and Zheng said these conditions caused the right palm of mice had a same response as the left palm of a human; it is easy to receive stimulation of sexual hormones. In contrast, baby mice are exposed to estrogen hormone has a right palm is shorter and has a more feminine appearance.
In relation to humans, it also answers the question why women’s ring fingers are shorter than male ring finger length. “Sex hormones affect finger length, and the ratio is fixed before the bone has even developed. This happens during a narrow window of development but it stays fixed throughout life,” said Cohn.
After read this health article, Male Ring Finger Length and Libido Level, a little advice for men to be more careful because the women began to pay attention to the length of your ring finger than your handsome face or your Ferrari… LOL Keep on your healthy lifestyle and see you at our next health article.


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